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The MioCare Group CIC is a care and support provider based in Oldham. Our services are delivered through two companies, Oldham Care and Support Ltd and MioCare Services Ltd.

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Oldham Care and Support’s portfolio of services comprises the former in-house provision delivered by Oldham Council until October 2013. Oldham Care and Support includes Helpline and Response, Community Enablement, Assistive Technology, Equipment and Adaptations, specialist short-term Residential Enablement and rehabilitation, Wellbeing, Supported Living and Shared Lives. Our heritage allows us to call upon a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge and expertise.

MioCare Services was created in December 2013 with the aim of growing the Group’s range of services and footprint across the region. MioCare Services currently provides the personal care service in six Extra Care schemes and our new MILES@Ena Support Service for adults with a learning disability.

As an Oldham Council-owned group of companies our primary focus is on delivering high quality outcomes and making the most effective use of our resources. Being a Community Interest Company means that any value we create is reinvested to continuously improve services, develop our staff and enrich the communities we serve.

Where we want to be in 2023

The MioCare Group’s first strategic business plan, our ‘2020 Vision’ (2017-20) served the organisation well and enabled us to successfully deliver our strategic objectives. It also helped the organisation to successfully navigate a complex and evolving system.

During the lifetime of that plan, the operating environment and strategic landscape rapidly changed, and a new plan was required to take the Group through to 2023. As we engaged with all stakeholders to develop the plan it was clear that we needed a new strategic ambition to ensure we were fit for the future and a set of values that reflects where we are on our journey.

Introducing ‘The MioCare Way’…

MioCare Way
MioCare Group Board of Management

Cllr Steven Bashforth (Chair)
Peter White (Deputy Chair)
Cllr Louie Hamblett
Cllr Zahid Chauhan
Jeff Jones
Cathy Butterworth
Karl Dean (Managing Director)

 Our priority is the outcome delivered to the people we care for.


MioCare Group CIC
Ena Hughes Resource Centre
2 Ellesmere Street, Failsworth
Manchester M35 9AD

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