MioCare Group Board of Management

  • Steven_Bashforth

    Cllr Steven Bashforth
    Chair of the Board
  • Peter_White

    Peter White
    Deputy Chair of the Board and Chair of Operations Committee
  • Louie_Hamblett

    Cllr Louie Hamblett
  • Dr_Zahid_Chauhan

    Cllr Zahid Chauhan
  • Jeff_Jones

    Jeff Jones
    Chair of Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Cathy_Butterworth

    Cathy Butterworth
  • Karl_Dean

    Karl Dean
    Managing Director

 Our priority is the outcome delivered to the people we care for.


MioCare Group CIC
Ena Hughes Resource Centre
2 Ellesmere Street, Failsworth
Manchester M35 9AD

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