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Community Reablement

The Community Reablement service provides up to 6 weeks planned, short term intensive care and support to people in their own home to help them regain the skills needed to live as independently as possible and increase confidence in their own ability. The service is delivered by a team of Assessment and Reviewing Officers including trusted assessors and care staff with specialist skills in reablement, who provide support in getting up and about, meal preparation and managing medication. Reablement is a non-chargeable service.

Home Care

MioCare is the Council’s commissioned provider of Home Care in the Saddleworth area and provides individualised personal care by a consistent team of dedicated staff. We deliver what people want, how and when they want it including personal care, domestic tasks or support with medication. As well as providing a service to customers of the Council we also provide care for people who pay for their own care. If you are interested in this service please contact 0161 770 8777.

Day Support

We also offer day support for individuals who are in their own tenancy and in order to remain independent would benefit from tenancy related support and the development of independent living skills. Carers provide support and guidance and include those that they are caring for within their own social and family network.

Personal Assistant

Through our Personal Assistant service we provide individual support for people who need help and support to access social activities aimed at developing and maintaining independence, health and well being. Our team can assist with personal care, cleaning, financial management, looking after pets and going to social events. This service covers all people who have a disability, health condition or have a need for a service of this type and are living at home. If you are interested in this service please contact 0161 770 4916.

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 With a dedicated support worker you can boost a person’s confidence and giving them the best chance of leading an independent life.

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