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Community Reablement

The Community Reablement service provides up to 6 weeks planned, short term intensive care and support to people in their own home to help them regain the skills needed to live as independently as possible and increase confidence in their own ability. The service is delivered by a team of Assessment and Reviewing Officers including trusted assessors and care staff with specialist skills in reablement, who provide support in getting up and about, meal preparation and managing medication. Reablement is a non-chargeable service.

Helpline and Response

The Helpline and Response service provides an emergency call system for use by people in their own homes with a follow up attended response service if required. The aim is to allow people to remain independent, safe and secure in the knowledge that help, advice and reassurance can be provided quickly in an emergency situation. Helpline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be installed within 3 days of receiving the referral. Urgent referrals can be installed on the same day. Please note people can self-refer to this service. The team also offer a 72 hour crisis service for those who need it.

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Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology service helps to support and enhance the opportunity for people to continue to live safely in their own home and/or maintain an independent lifestyle with the appropriate level of carer support. Assistive technology / Telecare can be customised to meet most individual situations.

Equipment, Aids and Adaptations

The provision of Equipment and Adaptations to people’s homes helps them to continue to live independent lives in familiar and comfortable surroundings. This can range from grab rails to bathing aids to stair lifts to building alterations. For more information please visit the Oldham Council website. >>>

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 With a dedicated support worker you can boost a person’s confidence and giving them the best chance of leading an independent life.

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