We had the privilege of celebrating a special birthday with a very special lady yesterday, as our wonderful Marjorie turned 100 years old.

She’s been with us at the Tandle View Court (Extra Care scheme) for just over five years and it’s been brilliant to get to know her during that time as we’ve cared for and supported her. Not that she needs a great deal from us, as despite being our oldest resident she’s very independent!

In her own words…

“I’m actually only 21 and a bit…it’s just a big bit!”

She’s described by staff as…

“An absolute delight - a sweet and kind soul with a cheeky sense of humour. She makes us laugh just as much as we do her!”

The birthday celebration comprised a big group effort as our Extra Care team and others in the Tandle community (including Lynn at Tandle View Restaurant, Ruth and Lisa at Hair Repair, the domestic team and colleagues from Housing 21) prepared cards, gifts and a party, before the birthday girl’s family and fellow residents gathered to wish her well.

To finish, some words from the MioCare Group’s Stacie who is Marjorie’s key worker…

“Marjorie is always there to welcome staff with a warm smile and an affectionate chat – always enquiring about our children and their wellbeing. She has a sweet tooth and will often offer you one of her toffees. Well, some of the time, when she hasn’t eaten them all herself first!

I’m so grateful that regulations were eased a little, just in time for her birthday, so she was able to celebrate with friends and loved ones. She deserved it all and more! Cheers to you Marjorie…all 21 years and a bit of you!”

Lovely. Happy birthday Marjorie!