Susie’s story

With a little support from Medlock Court, Susie was soon back on her feet

Many people need short term, intensive support after an illness or a stay in hospital so they can regain their independence. Oldham Care and Support (part of the MioCare Group) run Medlock Court a facility with all the home comforts and 24-hour care that someone needs when trying to get back on their feet.

This is the story of an Oldham resident who has loved her stay at Medlock Court and is on track to return home thanks to the support from our caring staff.

Susie has praised the Medlock Court staff as a cut above the rest. The 62-year-old who was hospitalised earlier this year after an injury needed short-term rehabilitation before she could go back home.

In quick time she was volunteering and helping the staff with jobs around the court. “I was not ready to go home after leaving hospital,” Susie said. “Just that bit of support is what I needed and I got that in abundance with the staff at Medlock Court. They do a magnificent job and go above and beyond.

“It’s such a relaxing environment to recover in when you leave hospital and its enabled me to get on with my life the best I can and regain my independence.” Janet English, care assistant, said: “The most important thing for Susie was that she regained her independence.

“Each user of the facility is intensively assessed and rehabilitated around the clock until they are able to return home. “All our users don’t require hospital admission or immediate care but may need intensive support to improve their confidence or mobility. You could see Susie’s transformation within days with a smile on her face and confidence returned.”



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