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A shared lives carer story

Carers Marilyn and Albert share their lives and their home to look after Hilary


Carers Albert and Marilyn with Hilary (centre).

Shared Lives helps adults who are vulnerable live a more independent life.

The service, provided by MioCare, recruits, trains, approves, assesses and supports carers who offer a combination of either accommodation and support or both in their own family home to the service users.

The grandparents currently provide a home for Hilary, aged 62, providing round the clock care and support – enabling her to grow and learn more about the world.

Marilyn, aged 60, said: “We simply love helping people and providing a home where they feel comfortable, valued and included. We always keep in touch with those who have moved on and we have had Hilary living with us for the past three years. She is part of the family and treated no different to any other close family member.”

“We’ve met some wonderful people throughout the past eight years including the amazing staff within the Oldham Shared Lives Team. They are always on hand to help us as carers so we can create the best home possible for the people who come through our doors.”

Albert added: “The people we have cared for or currently care for have become big parts of our lives and we couldn’t imagine not doing it. We feel part of a bigger team in Oldham who are helping adults who need our support. It is incredibly rewarding and I’d recommend it to anyone who can offer their time and home.”

Katie Morgan, Shared Lives Resource Manager, said: “Albert and Marilyn are incredible people and we need more people like them.


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