We’ve known Anne (pictured below) for a long time. In fact, some of our staff have supported her in different settings for over 20 years. And in each of those years – including this quite unusual one – it’s been a real privilege.

Anne’s no stranger to vaccinations and regularly has her flu vaccine. Though it’s always been a nasal spray, as she hadn’t previously wanted to brave a having a vaccine administered with a needle.

All that has changed recently, however…

When we explained COVID-19, its effects and then the option of a vaccine to Anne a while back, she made it clear that she wanted to have it. So we made contact with our health colleagues and two of them were able to come to Anne’s home in one of our Supported Living houses, in order to give the first and then soon after the second jab.

“All finished now…smashing!”

Anne’s words as nurses Marie and Charlotte (from Pennine Care’s Community Learning Disability Team) packed up their kit!

MioCare Group Senior Support Worker Natalie was with Anne as she had her second jab and said the following…

“I’ve seen first-hand what a fantastic relationship Anne has with our staff team. She’s extremely independent. Anne knows what she wants and what she doesn’t and as the team will tell you, she’s not afraid to make it known! All the staff are so very fond of her. Anne herself is proud to have conquered her fear of needles and we’re delighted too, knowing that she’s as safe as she can be.”

And our Support Worker Kay added the following too…

“I’ve worked with Anne for ten years on and off. I’m really happy that she feels so confident with the support and people she has around her. It’s brilliant that she’s now been fully vaccinated, and in the comfort of her own home thanks to the community nurses that were able to visit. Thank you Marie and Charlotte.”

Well done Anne and #TeamOldham!

Many people, one community.