A blog from Abi, our Positive Behaviour Support Lead…



I'm Abi and I have been part of the MioCare Group for six months now, in my role as Positive Behaviour Support Lead.

The main aim of my job is to make sure that the people using our services are happy, healthy and getting the right type of support in the right environment for them.

So far, I have loved working with and learning from lots of different people, including some that have autism. In these first few months it's mainly been people living in the Group's Supported Living houses across the borough - from Failsworth to Greenacres, Chadderton to Shaw and plenty more too.

Together, we have updated and developed plans which make sure that the nature of someones autism is understood and supported - helping people think about whether their environment is right for them (and if not, what changes can be made to make sure that it is from now on).

Recently, I supported a person with autism to move from a shared house to a flat, as our work together identified that his current set up wasn't quite meeting his needs.

In this new home, he has his own flat and very easy access to a sensory room - while still having access to a communal lounge for socialising and dancing when he's in the mood for it!

He declined a photo, but a few words from the man himself:

“I like having my own flat - it’s quiet and I have space in the corridors. I like the iPad and sensory room and going for a walk in the garden and park. I have made friends with people here.”

Great to hear such a positive outcome.

Another part of my job is to help sustain and build upon our high standard of care, by ensuring that our Supported Living Service maintains its National Autistic Society (NAS) accreditation.

Further to this, we have recently resumed our Autism Lead meetings. It was so good to get everyone back together to discuss our services and plan the ways in which we can continue improving our offer for people with autism.