A blog from Nikki, Activities Coordinator at our MILES@Ena Day Service for adults with a learning disability…


We love our home at the Ena Hughes Resource Centre and the majority of our activities are run from there. However when we can (and when the weather’s being kind!) we head outdoors to explore our local surroundings. Most recently, a group of us visited Gallery Oldham.

In conversation with those that use our Day Service, we chose to visit the gallery as it offers a great day out for a small gang like ours, with lots to learn from exhibitions over three floors…

Christine loved seeing the history of Oldham come to life. The collections and displays of ration books and domestic items that were used in her early years brought back a lot of memories.

Ian had most fun in the ‘Sounds Like Her’ exhibition curated by Christine Eyene. There were lots of sensory-based activities to explore on this floor and the different sounds and frequencies were inspiring to Ian. He even got involved playing the instruments where he could!

Paul, well, Paul’s a talker and to be honest he loves the social side of things, engaging with members of the Gallery Oldham staff and asking questions about the exhibitions and their work. And what they were up to at the weekend. And what they were having for their dinner. He was in his element and the staff loved a good chat just as much as our Paul.

John generally likes the outdoor activities and as he meets new people, he improves his social skills. He was fascinated with each display around the building and joined in where he could – more so once we’d found the props available in the ‘Touch and Feel’ room!

"Do you know what? I've had a really great time!"

The bus ride back to MILES was great too as everyone talked through the day and how much they enjoyed it.

Thanks Gallery Oldham. We’ll be back!