A blog from Marcia, Activities Coordinator at Medlock Court…


I'm really proud to work at Medlock Court in Lees. I've been based there since 2011 and it feels very much like a second home.

It is home too to the MioCare Group's Residential Enablement Service! Put basically, Medlock provides short stay accommodation and enablement support for up to 32 people. People who need a short spell of care before returning home, rather than a prolonged hospital stay or admission.

Watch the video below for a bit more information...

The last few months have been very different and at points, difficult, for everyone. It feels like no one's been unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Even if you've not been poorly with it, lots of the routines we had and the privileges we didn't even think about have had to change.

Meet Thelma, pictured below enjoying one of the activity packs we've been preparing and sharing with residents...

Thelma's a very lovely 90 year-old lady who needed some physical therapy after a fracture.

She's doing brilliantly and is looking forward to returning home soon. She's missed her family and friends even more than she might have in recent weeks, as they've not been able to visit her as they would have in normal circumstances. We've had to put in extra effort to keep her (and her fellow residents') spirits up!

Thelma said of her experience in our service:

"The staff are patient and caring and Medlock is very comfortable and clean. I've been practicing the stairs again today with a physio - 12 steps up and 12 steps down! I was tired after that but proud of myself. I feel much more confident now about going home."

In terms of my role as an Activities Coordinator; things have changed so much. I would normally be arranging projects, often with local community groups and facilitators, but we've had to stop quite a few activities and put a pause on people coming in to deliver some of the traditional sessions.

During the course of the last few months I've taken to doing a daily room check, delivering the activity packs and talking to people one-to-one. I've been asking if there's anything in particular they need or want. Not everything we get asked for is deliverable(!) but on occasion it is...

For example, one gentleman used to love playing guitar in his younger days so to his surprise, we managed to get him an acoustic and he's been playing again since. Music has been a great therapy for many, while others like certain books, crosswords and puzzles. Some of our residents here just need that human interaction, a reminder and some reassurance as to why things have changed.

One lady - Laxmiben (or Laxi to her friends!) - who's been with us for a couple of weeks so far, absolutely loves the calming, 'mindfulness' colouring books for adults. She's really great at it and we've framed some of her artwork and put it up in her room (much to her delight as you can see below!)...

When we explained to her that with her permission, we'd love to share her artwork online in a 'blog' too, she was very excited. So here we are Laxi - you're on the world wide web!

Things remain far from simple at the moment but my colleagues at Medlock Court continue to be flexible, pulling together for every person that comes through our door. Always with the intention that those people leave our care much better equipped to live a healthy and independent life at home.

Thank you for reading!