Staff from here at the MioCare Group recently joined with those at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, designing and delivering some training sessions to benefit both organisations, as well as some further friends and neighbours from across the borough.

As described in their ‘Statement of Purpose’, Dr Kershaw’s Hospice aims to provide a range of specialist palliative care services to people who are living with life-limiting illness. They are experts in their field and as such we were pleased when we got the opportunity to receive training from them with regards to ‘end of life care’ and all it can involve.

This is especially pertinent for our service users with learning disabilities who are nearing end of life, as it enabled us to provide crucial care and support which will mean they can remain at home surrounded by those who love and care for them. The training has provided our staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to support those people and their families at this most important time, enabling them to have a dignified death.

We felt we had something to give back too - in return, we were able to provide Dr Kershaw’s and other health colleagues with insight into learning disabilities, autism and mental health awareness. Vicky Shaw delivered the mental health awareness training, Emma Williams the autism training, followed by sessions covering learning disabilities led by Sue Beckman and Jenny Whittaker.

Sue said of the partnership:

"It has been both rewarding and insightful and has resulted in hugely beneficial sharing of knowledge and understanding. We hope this is the start of long lasting links between health and social care workers."

A great team effort and a partnership that we will look to continue into 2020.