The MioCare Group prides itself on being an organisation that will lead and support but crucially, one that listens and learns from its most important stakeholders – the people using the services we deliver.

That’s why this year, a ‘Service User Forum’ was set up with a few goals in mind…

  • To seek feedback from those important people in an open forum; less form-filling, more conversation
  • To put some key questions and decisions in the hands of these service representatives
  • To learn together, before forum members take best practice back to fellow service users in locations across Oldham
  • To share good news
  • To have some fun and meet new people

Below are three examples of how that has played out in these quarterly meet ups…

1) The brand new soon-to-be opened, purpose-built supported housing for adults with learning disabilities needed a name. What better forum to turn to than one that includes people who will end up living there. Some notes from the forum minutes…

“The most popular name from the forum members was Holly Bank Apartments. Everyone said how pleased and proud they were to be asked to help name this new home and hope people would be very happy there!”

2) Short, practical training sessions made it onto the Service User Forum agenda, with one example being a ‘Hand Hygiene’ course. This was very useful and enjoyable. See the video below for proof!

And again, some notes from the forum minutes…

“Now we have learned how to wash our hands properly and have become Hand Hygiene Champions we want to share our knowledge and teach others. So we are going to practice and then give a talk and demonstration  to our friends in the MILES@Ena Day Service . Then we can go round the Supported Living Service to tenants’ meetings and show other Service Users how to hand wash properly.”

3) If that didn’t cover the ‘fun’ element then the Service User Forum Christmas Away Day certainly did! Charlotte, John and co’ were supported by MioCare Group staff Sue and Janet as they headed to Ashton for ten pin bowling. Again, an activity chosen and very much enjoyed by members!

A few photos below of that brilliant day out…

So, there you have it! A forum that’s already had some very positive outcomes for all those directly involved, and the MioCare Group as a whole.

We can’t wait to meet together again in the coming year.