As you can see from the flask, Paul has recently been given a new nickname - 'The Boss'...

Now really, Paul's not bossy in the slightest but alongside his mate John and with some assistance from our support staff, he's boldly taken charge of the MILES@Ena Day Service garden, with great results!

He wanted to give you all a quick tour, highlighting...

  • A beautiful selection of plants and flowers
  • The bees that love them
  • A freshly-painted garden bench

And finally, a 'memory tree' on which he's placed a heart in memory of his late Mum. Someone who was very dear to him and who he fondly remembers.

Thanks for the tour Paul and well done on a brilliant summer project!


MILES@Ena Day Support Service

Our MILES@Ena Day Support Service (MioCare, Independent, Learning and Enablement Service) provides a range of social activities and learning opportunities in a warm and friendly environment for people who are 18 years and older who have autism, complex needs, physical or learning disabilities, acquired brain injury and early onset dementia. Our aim is to provide a flexible and responsive service to meet the needs of every individual, with a chance to meet new friends and learn new skills, enjoying time away from home in a welcoming and safe setting.

Our purpose-built facility at the Ena Hughes Resource Centre is fully equipped with a range of facilities to meet the individual needs of all our service users. The building is fully wheelchair accessible with access to surrounding gardens and is fitted with a range of equipment to support and enable everyone to enjoy the activities on offer.

There are a number of comfortable separate areas and room that are used to provide different activities in both small and larger groups and there is access to a working, fully-fitted kitchen that can be used to support service users in both learning and practising daily living skills. This helps build confidence and self-esteem.

We’re flexible in the activities we provide, tailoring them to the needs and preferences of our service users as much as possible. A typical range of activities would include:

  • Developing life skills such as drinks and food preparation in our kitchen
  • Cooking and baking
  • Outdoor and gardening activities
  • Arts, crafts and games (including pool and indoor bowls)
  • Pampering (including hand massage, manicures and relaxation / wellbeing sessions)
  • Access to a brand new sensory room
  • Parties and event days
  • Music therapy
  • IT suite and support

For more information or to talk to one of the MILES@Ena Day Service staff team, please get in touch...