"Things remain far from simple at the moment but my colleagues at Medlock Court continue to be flexible, pulling together for every person that comes through our door. Always with the intention that those people leave our care much better equipped to live a healthy and independent life at home."

A little while back, Marcia (Activities Coordinator at Medlock Court) wrote a blog about her experience of working through the Coronavirus pandemic.

It remains very relevant today and recently, the National Care Forum included her story in their #CaringInCovid project.

It was called 'Flexibility in changing times' - click HERE to read it in full.

And now you can *hear* it too as Marcia kindly recited her story when she got the call from NCF...

Thanks again to the National Care Forum, to Marcia and her colleagues at Medlock Court and MioCare Group staff right across our various services who continue their delivery of great care.

And finally, Laxi - keep colouring! Your artwork is fab!