We’re proud to be the provider of care within Oldham’s Extra Care Housing schemes, of which there are six – Tandle View, Charles Morris House, Aster House, Old Mill House, Hopwood Court and Trinity House – all managed by our partners at Housing 21 with whom we work very closely:


It’s at Trinity House that a new ‘Knit and Natter’ group has started amongst residents this year. They wasted no time getting to the nattering element of this burgeoning social club and they’ve stepped up their knitting in the past few months too!

Led by Mary and Lottie, fellow members of the group set about a project that not only benefits them but also neighbours and friends at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in Royton.

“We love meeting up together. We’re passionate about knitting and most of us have been knitting for years. In fact, there’s nothing new you can tell Mary about it – she’s amazing and is the person I go to for help if I ever get stuck!” says Lottie

Mary responds saying “It’s lovely to share the hobby. Anyone here at Trinity House can join us. We’ll certainly be carrying on once we’ve finished this project.”

The gang have been focusing their efforts on knitting what they call ‘Bereavement Bears’ – these small teddies come as an identical pair with one going to someone receiving end of life care at Dr Kershaw’s and the other going to a friend or family member of that person, often a child.

Lillie, Dr Kershaw’s Community Fundraiser, was in attendance at Trinity House for the latest gathering to collect the bears and say a massive thank you for a lovely gift…

“Bereavement Bears bring such comfort to the families here at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice and we’re so grateful for the group’s efforts. With the ladies’ contribution, we now have enough bears to comfort families here for the foreseeable future. They’ve given an amazing gift that will make a difference to others in their community – thank you!”

It's fantastic to hear about this new (and very community-focused!) ‘Knit and Natter’ group at Trinity House and we can’t wait to see what they create next.