We want to introduce you to a special lady, Margaret, who recently turned 90 years old.

Margaret’s son, Michael, very sadly passed away earlier this year. We were privileged to know Michael really well, being that he was a resident in our Supported Living service. Prior to the events of this year, a big 90th birthday celebration had been planned for Margaret which both Michael and his support team from Kerwood Drive would have been attending.

Michael’s passing hit everyone who knows him hard and he is greatly missed.

We’re pleased though that we’ve been able to keep in touch with his brilliant mum…

A collection by staff who comprised Michael’s support team at different points, enabled the purchase of some gifts for someone who was very precious to her son, and who remains so loved by her amazing family and community. With the support of Michael’s sister we were able to deliver the presents and wish Margaret well on her big day.

She was surprised and quite overcome with emotion but we were happy to bring a big smile to her face.

Happy birthday Margaret!