When MioCare Group staff last came together for a large ‘Getting in the Know’ engagement event, the theme of the session was ‘lend a listening ear’. Our employees do lots of that and we’re very proud of the support they offer to those they care for. We felt the time was right to offer some further encouragement and advice to our workforce about how best they can look after themselves too…

Enter Rene Barrett, who recently closed the Oldham Learning Festival to rapturous applause after leading a session entitled ‘Managing the Stretch and Strain – Building and Sustaining Personal Resilience and Resourcefulness’.

Often, during previous staff events at Chadderton Town Hall, we've spent a little more time ‘Getting in the Know’ about the Group as a whole, its services, its work in the recent past and its future direction. Very useful and in fact, by way of an introduction our Managing Director Karl Dean did provide an update for everyone. We have new staff who’ve recently started with us and it’s always good to give those working in different areas of the business an overview of what’s happening across various teams…

“A lot has happened since we were last together…”

Karl went on to highlight some milestones and achievements…

  • We successfully bid for (and implemented) a new Extra Care contract
  • Our Supported Living Service retained their Autism Accreditation from the National Autistic Society
  • We launched the Cherish Fund, utilising employees’ creativity in order to enhance service users’ experience
  • The MioCare Group, led by Karl and the Senior Leadership Team, is leading on the Enablement part of Oldham’s newly integrated health and social care system
  • We introduced a new rate of pay, a real ‘Living Wage’ as a minimum as well as higher pension contributions
  • There have been three CQC inspections across the Group with ‘Good’ results overall (and an ‘Outstanding' in Well-Led for the Reablement Team)

And looking forward, Karl went on to talk about some future challenges and opportunities for the Group. These will include…

  • Navigating our part in the local Transforming Care programme
  • The opening of ‘Holly Bank’, Oldham’s new supported housing for adults with learning disabilities at which we'll be providing care

All this as we seek to devise and implement a new strategic plan for the next three years. Our 2020 vision served us well, though now we’re well into 2019 it’s time to set our sights on the next decade.

With all the work that has and will come our way, it would be natural for staff to feel under pressure. Which is why Karl then introduced the aforementioned Rene Barrett, who is an expert on how to build resilience into not only working routines to help people be the best they can be for service users and colleagues, but also into personal lives at home – helping people be at their best for themselves and friends and families too!

One should certainly help the other.

Together, staff explored the links between psychological wellbeing and physical wellbeing, happiness and resilience. And went on to consider a range of techniques that when utilised, can build and maintain resilience.

“If you’re waiting for that annual, two week holiday to feel any happiness, chances are you’re going to struggle to be resilient and positive during the rest of the year!”

Rene talked about ‘intensity vs frequency’. How increasing the frequency of positive, joyful experience in your life will serve you well as you go about the day to day. Be mindful of the things that help sustain you and make you happy – walking your dog in the local park, engaging in a hobby, cooking and enjoying good food, being creative, meeting a friend for a coffee, etc.

She also pointed us in the direction of the Robinson Cooper website where using their personality questionnaire and based on your responses, you can create and download your very own ‘i-resilience report’ which reveals which of the four key components users naturally draw on for resilience – confidence, adaptability, purposefulness and the need for social support.

Interested? Get started on your own report, here:


There was lots more but we won’t reveal all her top tips! You should definitely follow Rene on Twitter though - click HERE to view her profile.

You should follow the Oldham Play Action Group too, who were in attendance to minute the event for us in their own unique way! See a few photos below...

A massive thank you everyone who came over to Chadderton to take part in the latest ‘Getting in the Know’ and to everyone who had a hand in organising it. It’s always good to get together and we’ve all gone away with plenty to ponder!