Coronavirus: A message from Karl Dean, Managing Director of the MioCare Group...

It’s been an intense and unprecedented couple of weeks, with the changing situation and guidance around the Coronavirus dominating our personal and professional lives.

We’re aware that people reading this on our website will be a mixture of the general public and stakeholders, as well as those using our services, their family and friends and of course, our valued staff.

Firstly, to address the first four of those groups including those using our services and their family and friends…

We want to assure you that your health and wellbeing is our very top priority. Across all of our services and locations in Oldham (of which there are many), plans are either in place or being worked upon very urgently to make sure we can effectively deliver the best care and support we can. There will be changes to how we can operate. Some services, where they’re able to, might pause or be delivered in a different way. This will be because some of you will not be needing services currently if you’re spending more time at home. It might also be because some of our staff are being advised to stay at home too. We will ensure that everyone is kept up to date with any changes. 

However, many of our core services will continue and we’re glad to say at the moment they are continuing to function well. For example, we provide care in residential and community settings, it’s important that we continue to do exactly that for those people that need it and again, to deliver the care to the very best of our ability.

Secondly, to our staff reading this…

We are immensely proud of you, of how you've responded to date and we appreciate that this is an incredibly difficult situation to say the least.

You will be talking to each other about the changing situation much like everyone else in the country and reading a variety of guidance from different sources. But regular, MioCare Group-specific communications are beginning to come out internally in their different formats (for example direct emails or via communication with your managers).

Lastly, to everyone…

Thank you so much for your patience and hard work as quite literally everyone tackles this together. I’ve said this before, I couldn’t think of any better family than the MioCare Group family to be part of at this point. No doubt I will be saying that again in the future!

Be kind to each other. Look after yourselves and one another. I will continue to provide messages when I can.

With thanks,

Karl Dean, Managing Director of the MioCare Group