Our Shared Lives team have recently been supporting a number of individuals (12 to be precise!) in their Care Certificate training - 11 prospective carers and one existing Shared Lives service user Chris – all based here in their hometown of Oldham.

The Care Certificate was developed jointly by Skills for Care, Health Education England and Skills for Health and the following is taken from the Skills for Care website…

“The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors. It's made up of the 15 minimum standards that should be covered if you are 'new to care' and should form part of a robust induction programme.”

Although the Care Certificate is not a regulatory requirement for Shared Lives carers it’s deemed as best practice for new carers to undertake this learning. And we certainly want the best for our people here at the MioCare Group!

We’re grateful to Complete Training & Assessment Ltd, with whom we worked closely to put together a bespoke course for the aforementioned 12 people, making sure whatever they learned was understood and applicable to their role. This is in fact the second time the training has been run in the past couple of years.

However, it’s the first time that we’ve offered the training to one of our service users and we’re delighted that Chris has so far successfully completed all seven training days and their five associated workbooks. Going forward, we hope that with the ongoing support of his Shared Lives carer (Jane) and staff (also Jayne!) he’ll use what he’s learned to help gain voluntary and then potentially paid employment.

Keep going Chris, we’re right behind you!

The Shared Lives service is about sharing lives, families, homes, interests, experiences and skills with people who need support in living their life to the full. People who might present with physical, learning or sensory difficulties or a mental health problem.

Our dedicated staff team make sure that those people are matched with the right carers - carefully selected members of the public who are recruited, trained and supported in their role.

The amount of time spent together depends on individual needs. It can be:

  • A few hours a week during the day
  • A short time, such as a weekend, perhaps while a family carer has a break
  • Full time (living together for a short or long period)

Read more about Shared Lives, here: https://www.oldham.gov.uk/sharedlives

And do get in touch if you think you could be a carer in your hometown of Oldham. We're on the lookout for new carers, with people who need that vital support currently waiting to be matched.

Read about what it's like to be a carer in a Shared Lives match, HERE and HERE. Then give us a call on 0161 770 8777 if you think you could be the next Miriam or Anne.