What is Bloom and Grow?

Bloom and Grow is Oldham’s entry into the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual ‘North-West in Bloom’ awards.

Read more about it on Oldham Council’s website, here:


As stated on the page linked above…

“The campaign is about so much more than flowers and plants, it’s about the whole community working together to improve our towns, neighbourhoods, alleyways, open spaces, gardens, roads and pavements.

The focus of our campaign is to help us all to feel proud of our neighbourhoods and to bring communities together.”

We’re certainly in agreement with those sentiments and our Wellbeing Service users and staff alike were keen to get involved!

A big effort was made at both our Grassroots and Chadderton Hall Park Wellbeing Service sites to create something to really be proud of before we presented to judges who toured the borough on 24th July 2019. Thankfully the clouds parted that day and the flower arrangements looked stunning in the sunshine! Have a look at a small selection of photos below…

“It’s great to be involved!” said Colin, one of many regulars in attendance at Chadderton Park on the 24th.

Colin and co’ don’t just deal in flowers either – Ray was keen to tell our visitors about the vegetables grown on site, Lee showed off some of the furniture he’d been making in the workshop and Richard was busy painting during an arts and crafts activity. A busy day! 

A bit more information about what goes on at our two sites…

Our Wellbeing Service provides an alternative to traditional day care for people with a learning disability.

The focus is on providing people with opportunities to maintain and develop skills and gain the confidence needed to get the most out of life and be as independent as possible.

This is achieved by offering a range of indoor and outdoor activities in a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment.

Activities include:

  • planting and growing organic vegetables
  • beekeeping
  • learning basic cooking skills
  • learning basic gardening skills
  • flower arranging
  • woodwork sessions

People are encouraged to take control, make choices and pursue activities that they are interested in. All activities are risk assessed and supported by experienced and trained staff.

If you’re a social worker or family member of someone you think would benefit from the service, or if you would simply like to know more then please get in touch. Email info@miocare.co.uk or call 0161 770 8777.


For more information on the ‘North-West in Bloom’ campaign, visit their website, here:


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